These playoffs have showed us that Erik Karlsson is by far the best defence man, but is he the best player in the world? The general consensus among the league is that the top 3 players in the world are Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, Erik Karlsson.

McDavid 30 Goals 70 Assists 100 Points 53.04 CF%
Crosby 44 Goals 45 Assists 89 Points 53.89 CF%
Karlsson 17 Goals 54 Assists 71 Points 49.07 CF%

As we can see, this past season McDavid ran away with the scoring title, although Crosby played less games than McDavid. Crosby and McDavid have very similar Corsi For % stats (Corsi For% measures the percentage of which a player’s team takes a shot on net compared to where the team concedes a shot) which shows a similar level of productivity between the two of them. Karlsson has much lower stats than the other two which can be explained by playing defence and also for being on a much weaker team.

What separates these three players from the rest of the league is their ability to increase the productivities of their teammates. McDavid, Crosby and Karlsson all dictate the pace of the play and either one of the three can be called the best player in the NHL.


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